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We are a high end, wholesale jewelry company who had been offering high quality products at extraordinary prices to the public for over 35 years.

The typical jewelry store offers low price jewelry that is mass produced and low quality. The thing to remember is those stores are still making a decent profit off of those items, so what are they REALLY worth? 

All our products are authentic and made from the highest quality materials that we stand behind.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to create iconic, unique and unforgettable pieces that stand the test of time. 

Take a look around, purchase some of our ready made items or send us a message to start the process of putting together something for you.

If you are looking for a ring, check out the Stuller and Leoingwer links on this page and fill out the form below. 

We look forward to helping you. 



Not all rings are created equal. If you've been looking at rings for any amount of time, you've heard about the 4 C's and how that is the way you choose your diamond. The problem with that is diamonds can have great specs but be cut out of proportion. This leaves you with an expensive diamond, with little sparkle. All our diamonds are cut right and shine bright! There is a noticeable difference in our rings that will have people commenting on your ring consistently.


Let us know what type of ring you are looking for by filling in the form below and we will connect with you to start a conversation. 

 Find a ring style that you like from the Stuller or Leoingwer links below and paste the link in the form. 

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This is a custom piece we did for a very happy customer.